Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hello everyone.
I've been away, off-line, for a week and am now looking forward to being back both in Real Life and in Blogland.

I was staying at my sister's and Riaham's house where I was looked after so well in every way.  

Riaham says hello.

My sister made the magnificent crocheted blanket.
I made Riaham's hat and frock coat.

* * * * * * *

Susi at "Art Journal Journey" has given us the unusual and fun challenge to make a collage with no faces, wings or leaves.

I made two for the challenge before I went on holiday.

First a textile collage called "Treasure Chest"

made with 
black fabric mono-printed with acrylics,
dyed fabrics,
beads and sequins and 
hand and machine stitching.

The second collage is postcard size (6 x 4 inches)

and is made from 
washi tape,
three painted houses cut out and pasted,
the house on the right being first pasted on to an acrylic painted background and
the background coloured in a patchwork fashion.

Monday, 14 November 2016


Where do ideas come from?
Are they wandering about looking for an artist?

I've often had this feeling that an idea is in the air and anyone can catch it first.



And then there is the floating sequins idea.

I had finished a collage for Susi's theme of "Collage with no faces, no wings and no leaves" at "Art Journal Journey" (but hadn't posted it yet) and you could have blown me over with the smallest feather when Margik posted a beautiful piece a few days later using cupped sequins in the same way.

A while ago I made a minimalist collaged postcard 

and always wanted to make another one - so here it is for "Art Journal Journey".

The castle is a print from one of my paintings, edged with purple ink, 
the words are printed and glued on (to avoid any lettering accidents)
the sequins at the top and bottom are sewn on.  
Please note that the little bush has clusters of red berries, not leaves.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Mr. No-reply-blogger

Along with painting and drawing art journals, I also have art textile journals.   These are used to record fabric experiments and combinations, little pieces of embroidery and so on including

playing with dyed fabrics,

 ideas for fabric combinations,

embroidery samples

and patchwork ideas.

I call it painting with fabric and thread.

At  "Art Journal Journey" Susi is asking us to make collages with no wings, leaves or faces.

Have you ever met Mr. No-reply-blogger?
When you leave a comment on my blog I get an email.
Normally I will then visit your blog and/or reply to the email BUT if you do not have an email address on your blog then my friendly reply will go (without any warning) to Mr. No-reply-blogger and he will put it in his sack.  Sometimes I notice this in time and sometimes I don't. 

Here, for "Art Journal Journey"  is Mr. No-reply-blogger with his bottomless sack of emails intended for someone else. 
He is a very bad boy.
He is wearing a mask of course.

Mr. N. is made from dyed silks, coloured foils, sweetie papers and coloured metal sheets. The frame is made from a backing paper used to try out colours, stamping etc.

and put into Photo-edit to be colour-altered.

Beware of Mr. No-reply-blogger.  He loves to steal other people's emails.

Monday, 31 October 2016


At  "Art Journal Journey"  Susi has chosen the intriguing theme "Collage with no faces, no wings, no leaves".

I made an abstract digital collage.
It is a fairly straight forward process using the Photoshop brushes and colours as you would use Real Life ones, and I thought you might like to see the steps.

I started by drawing a free-hand checked background (and the lines are meant to be shoogly),

coloured in a few squares,

made four blurry shapes with the blurry brush, (blurry - why? - just because),

made an arrangement with the shapes

and put this arrangement on to the checked background.

Next, inverted the colours, changing each colour to its complementary colour,

altered the colours again and gave it some uplifting words

and added a little frame.

I'm quite pleased with it, both with the design and the colours, because I think it is really odd, something a bit different, and I like the way the colours in the front glow like fluorescent lights.

Hope you like it too even if you don't use Photo-editing yourself.

Monday, 24 October 2016


At "Art Journal Journey" Valerie has chosen the theme "Indian Summer" and
at "Mix it Monthly" Conny is asking for Zodiac Signs, one of which is "Lion" - or so I thought. 

Beatrix Potter used her pet rabbit as a model for her great creation "Peter Rabbit", but as I don't have a pet lion I made some drawings from Google images and some from imagination (haha!).

I started by painting a tree and lion in watercolour

and gave him some autumn asters and marigolds.
But what's that?  That awful pink building?

It had to go.
I cut off the right side and because I still liked the lion, I gave him a face.  

Now what, with only half a painting?
But still going.......
Painted some trees for a forest.

Found a background with a path

and some pretty colourful autumn leaves.

This is when I discovered that the lion for "Mix it Monthly" was in July (doesn't time pass quickly) and this month the Zodiac signs were Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.
So a little very young Capricorn is hiding in the forest, keeping very quietly out of the way of the lion.

And that is why there is a lion in this picture. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


What have I been doing this week?

I started a massive Autumnal clear-out of all things, including art and art materials -
old paintings which had been lying about too long,
painted papers which thought they might one day be used in a collage, 
scraps cut from magazines and hoarded.

A coal fire is a wonderful throw-out companion.
Once in the fire, it's gone.

These were the very last paintings to go.

I did rescue one from the flames, with my bare hands.

And I did scan in a few before they went, and had an enjoyable time playing with photo-edit to create some abstract card designs, three of which are below.

What do you think of these?  Which do you like best?

* * * * * * * 

Here are the last of the Devon photos.  I'm glad you have enjoyed them so far.

Devon has many beautiful sandy beaches, this one at our village

and this one not too far away

but I promised you a walk along a shingle beach.

We braved the narrow road out of our village

to drive to this shingle beach where we were looking forward to a long beachy walk, and we were not disappointed.

We didn't walk at our usual fast pace as I kept getting massively distracted by the amazing colours and shapes of the stones.


Even the tiny shingle was wonderful

and I didn't think the beach would miss this one which I brought back for Douglas.

He's not very sure what to do with it.

The sun came out and the beach looked different when we got back to the start.

I hope you enjoyed your Devon holidays!
See you there again another time!